Guilherme Fiúza

In translation

<strong>“5 Pieces of Almost a Story”</strong>
<em>(Ficcion, feature film, 95 minutes, 35 mm, 2007)</em>
<em>Collective project – Co-direction and Screenwritter</em>
An obsessive photographer crazy for female feet; a man that projects himself on situations he sees on tv; a simple public officer that receives a proposal from a corrupt Judge; a slaughter in a marriage crisis and a broken heart secretary that dreams to get married. These five characters will have their lives changed from a hot weekend.
. Special Jury Prize – CINE-PE 2007
. Best Designer Production – CINE-PE 2007
. Best Script – 12th Brazilian Film Festival – Miami – EUA

<strong>“I’m Gone”</strong>
<em>(Ficcion, short-movie, 15 minutes, 35 mm, 2003)</em>
<em>Director and co-screenwritter</em>
A drug transaction involving an international organization fails. Two arrogants foreigners are sent to Brazil to deal with the situation, but end up being guided by a fool shameless taxi driver on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. This odd mixturre of personalities and cultures has a hilarious outcome.