Cristiano Abud

<p>Cristiano Abud works in the audiovisual field since 2000. He writes and directs institutional videos, documentaries and feature films. In 2003, he made his début as a director with the documentary “THE AMANUENSIS AND THE GRASSHOPPER”. He wrote the script for the feature film “FIVE PIECES OF ALMOST A STORY”, awarded as Best Screenplay in the 12th Brazilian Film Festival Of Miami, and directed one of its episodes, “Provisional Title”. He carried out the research for and coordinated the making of the documentary “DEAD END”, besides directing one of its episodes, “Baiminas”. The documentary won the award of “Best Latin American Documentary” in the Docupolis International Documentary Festival and “Special Award of the Jury” in the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, both in 2007. In 2009, releases the short film “SHOT IN THE HEAD”.</p>
<strong>”Shot in the Head”</strong><br />
<em>(Ficcion, short-movie, 35mm, 14 minutes, 2009)</em><br />
<em>Director and screenwritter</em><br />
A murderer and his victim stuck in an agonizing deadlock, an endless waiting, a deadly game. During his last moments, all there is left for Pedro, the main character of SHOT IN THE HEAD, to do is to lose himself in his reminiscences. Things are not in space. Things really are in time.Time, which stretches or shortens itself at the main character’s disposal. Pedro, the main character, has got only one more minute left to live. But he survives fourteen minutes, the duration of the short film SHOT IN THE HEAD.</p>
<p><strong>“5 Pieces of Almost a Story”</strong><br />
<em>(Ficcion, feature film, 95 minutes, 35 mm, 2007)</em><br />
<em>Collective project – Co-direction and Screenwritter</em><br />
An obsessive photographer crazy for female feet; a man that projects himself on situations he sees on tv; a simple public officer that receives a proposal from a corrupt Judge; a slaughter in a marriage crisis and a broken heart secretary that dreams to get married. These five characters will have their lives changed from a hot weekend.<br />
. Special Jury Prize – CINE-PE 2007<br />
. Best Designer Production – CINE-PE 2007<br />
. Best Script – 12th Brazilian Film Festival – Miami – EUA</p>
<p><strong>”Dead End”</strong><br />
<em>(Documentary, long-lenght, 75 minutes, HD, 2007)</em><br />
<em>Collective project – Conception, General Coordination and Co-direction</em><br />
A documentary, eight directors and six episodes taken in natural and urban settings, which proposes an anthropological journey through the cities and the lives of the communities along the railways. The trains as conductors of history ant the tracks as a line in time. A registry of the past by means of the memories and an observation of contemporary space taken from daily living and by the transformation of places provoked by the presence or disappearance of the train.<br />
. Special Jury Prize – 56º Mannhein-Heidelberg Film Festival – 2007- Germany<br />
. Best Latinamerican Documentary – Docúpolis – 2007 – Barcelone (Spain)</p>
<p><strong>”The Amanuensis and the Grasshoppers”</strong><br />
<em>(Documentary, medium-length, 54 minutes, DV, 2003)</em><br />
<em>Co-direction and screenwritten</em><br />
The documentary “The Amanuensis and the Grasshoppers” tells the life and literary work of brazillian writter Cyro dos Anjos and his companions in the literary journey, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Pedro Nava, Abgar Renault, João Alphonsus e Emílio Moura.<br />