bala na cabeça

Brazil, 2009, 35mm
short film, fiction, 14 minutes
direction: Cristiano Abud

A murderer and his victim stuck in an agonizing deadlock, an endless waiting, a deadly game. During his last moments, all there is left for Pedro, the main character of SHOT IN THE HEAD, to do is to lose himself in his reminiscences. Things are not in space. Things really are in time. With every recollection, a change.

Memory takes form according to our state of mind when we remember. We drop or add to what was lived. It becomes fiction. Due to that, the narrative of “Shot in the Head” is not bound by the chronology of facts, but to the imprecision that fiction permits. It is also a game about the perception of time. Time, which stretches or shortens itself at the main character’s disposal.

Pedro, the main character, has got only one more minute left to live. But he survives fourteen minutes, the duration of the short film SHOT IN THE HEAD.


32° Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano – Havana – Competição Oficial
XXIV Festival Del Cinema Latino Americano – Trieste – Itália
XIX Edizione del Balafon Festival – Bari – Itália
13ª Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes
50º Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias- FICCI – Colômbia
26th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival
Curtamazônia 2010
VI Festival Latinoamericano de Cinema de Canoa Quebrada
Mostra Cinema Conquista – Ano 6
8° Festcine Amazônia
2° Festival Manuel Padeiro de Cinema e Animação
3° Curta Jacaré
11º Curta-SE – Festival Iberoamericano de Cinema de Sergipe

fiction/short movie
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Runtime: 14 Minutes
Release date: 2009
Projection format: 35mm
Capture format: 35mm
Aspect ratio: 1:85
Sound mix: Dolby 5.1

Produced by: ABUZZA FILMES
Directed and written by: Cristiano Abud
Producers: Guilherme Fiúza and Cris Azzi
Cinematography by: Luís Abramo
Film Editing: Cris Azzi
Production desing by: Mariana Rocha
Costume design by: Ricca
Music by: Moby and Evaldo Braga
Production Sound Mixer: Alexandre Bonfim
Sound Editor: Ronaldo Gino and Henrique Belumat
Re-recording Mixer: Damião Lopes

Luiz Arthur
Rômulo Braga
Carlos Magno Ribeiro
Bruno Vieira
Marcos China
Talita Braga