Brazil, 2008, HD
long lenth, documentary, 71 minutes,
direction: Cris azzi
In co-production with Camisa Listrada production company

The construction of the Irapé Power Plant in the Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais State, has revolutionized the lives of 42 riverside communities.

For the Creation of an artificial lake 200 meters deep, 5.000 people had to be relocated leaving behind their homes, their family stories, their dead ones and the river – the center of their day-to-day existence, community life and source of living for these people, from where they take sand, rock and fish.

In the makeshift towns built for them, all the houses look the same and have a doorbell, something that these people have never seen before. This docufilm follows their story one year after relocation, showing the gains and losses that have resulted from the sudden change. A new sense of identity seems to have been forged.

Projection format: digital beta
Capture format: 16mm e video
Sound mix: Dolby 5.1

Directed by: Cris Azzi
Producer: André Carrera
Cinematography (16mm) by: Luís Abramo and Fabian Silbert Boal
Cinematography (DV) by: Alexandre Baxter, Cris Azzi, Eti Penna, Helder Quiroga e Luiz Felipe Fernandes
Film Editing: Luiz Felipe Fernandes e Alexandre Baxter
Music by: Janete & Claire ( Lucas Miranda e Tiago de Macedo)
Sound Mixer: Gustavo Campos
Re-recording Mixer: Ronaldo Gino
Script supervisor: Cristiano Abud